6 Week eSports Improvement Plan (Wk. 2&3)

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In part 1 of our 6 Week eSports Improvement plan series we went over the initiation week. Week 1 can be one of the hardest parts of your improvement plan. Being that it’s the first time you’re really looking at your performance through this type of rigid lens. It’s also largely your benchmark week. So seeing large amounts of improvement can be tricky and unlikely.

However, weeks 2 and 3 is where you will start to see and feel improvement. During these two weeks you will be introducing new challenges and new tests. Not only will they test your resolve, but they will also provide you opportunities to see growth. As in our last post, below you will see a picture of the 6 week plan. Lets break down weeks 2 and 3 to see how they differ, and explain the progression.

eSports Improvement Plan 6 Week
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Week 2

You will still be following the same schedule that you had during week 1. It’s important to have consistency in your schedule to create routines for your brain. This includes taking your 5 minute breaks during your practice and play sessions. As well as having your unlimited day, and tournament/challenge day.

You will start by referencing your week 1 benchmark, and make adjustments to it based on whether or not you have seen progression. Seeing progression within your first week is not out of the ordinary. Since you are actively focusing your mind, concentrating on your task, and giving yourself a time limit. It’s important at this moment to also reference your recent challenge or tournament results. With these benchmarks in mind, it’s time to set your goals.

Goal Setting

Throughout many of our blogs and podcasts we have spoken about the critical importance of goal setting. I encourage you to read our post on the topic to understand the importance and how to do it effectively. 

What makes it important for week 2 of the 6 Week Improvement plan is that it will align your motivations, and reflect off of your benchmark. In Week 1 it was about bringing and maintaining intentionality. There wasn’t a ton of focus on where you wanted to go, but more of where you are. However, now that we have results at the end of your first week to go off of, we are able to set reasonable goals for the next few weeks. Every action you take from this point, will have those specific goals in mind. Bringing a new level of specificity to your practice.

Time Spent

For week 2 we will be reducing the amount of hours played to 2 hours a day for 4 days. However we are going to add 1 hour of Personal Replay Review. It can’t be overstated how important reviewing your own replays are. We have written about it a few times. 

Watching your own replays is going to help you identify traits and habits you have in your play, and help you clean them up. As well as help you raise questions about yourself. Why you make certain decisions, how you handle pressure, and how you manage wins and losses. Further, it will create a sense of pressure in your play. Since you know you’re going to be reviewing it later, it can cause you to be overly critical of yourself during your practice, and during your play. Leading to unfortunate self-talk. However, it’s best that you are exposed to the self-talk in practice sessions. This will give you a chance to manage it in a way, so that it doesn’t show up in critical moments such as tournaments.

Closing Week 2

Though week 2 is only introducing what seems to be a simple concept, it will radically change your practice routine. By having your goals in line, and reflecting on your own performance, you will face obstacles within yourself. Your emotional resilience, motivation, and ability will all be tested as you start to blend desire and intentionality.

Week 3

As with week 1 and 2 you will repeat most of the same behaviors. You will start week 3 by looking back on week 2’s benchmark, and goals. Assess whether or not you reached the goal that you set. If you did, then set a new goal, and if you didn’t then commit to finding the reason.

You may have set your goal too high, or you may not have committed fully to the plan. It’s also possible that you just need more time, and that is okay as well. As long as you are being critical, but kind with yourself, and concentrating on the areas that need improvement you will eventually hit your goal. Or it may be time to reassess your goal, and set it lower. Understanding what you’re capable of and incapable of will go a long way at developing self trust.

This is the first time you’re going to set a hard expectation for yourself. Whether it’s on a new goal, or the goal you didn’t reach. You have to reach it.

Time Spent

We will continue the trend of 2 hours a day for 4 days. However, you will be adding in 30 minutes of Personal Replay Review and, 30 minutes of Pro Replay Review.

Although the effectiveness of watching your own replays is incredible. Over time as you improve, the obvious mistakes become far more obscure. Making it more and more difficult to see the leaps of improvement that you did the first time watching. This is overall a good thing, since it’s a sign of improvement. However, something has to be added to continue your progression.

It’s at this point that adding in 30 minutes of pro replays is important. It’s no secret that we watch the professionals play on a regular basis. It’s fun and shows us just what we can be. But when we are trying to improve, we have to watch through a different lens. Instead of watching as a fan, or as a hater of sorts, we have to watch in contrast to how we perform. By watching the professionals we are able to compare their technical performance to ours. We can attempt to understand their decision making. It also gives us the chance to emulate the efficient aspects of their game. This is how we can measure our current performance and see what it will take to achieve our goals.

Measuring yourself up to your competition is incredibly important. As well as measuring yourself up to the goals that you set.

Closing Week 3

It’s a this point during your 6 Week Improvement plan that you will be the most critical of yourself. You’ve spent two weeks with all of your ups and downs. You have been tested through reflection and your challenges. Even though you are now at this point, it’s important to lean into it. Note your opportunities and make a hard commitment to solve.

Wrap up

The biggest struggle that most players have with this is accountability and motivation. Often times that’s the coach’s job with the player. If you are interested in hiring your own coach:

Reach out to us at twitter.com/fagencyesports  or twitter.com/czechfreea

Weeks 4/5/6 will be coming soon.



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