The Universal Tool

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The process of improvement always comes with it’s set of obstacles and hardships. Fortunately there are a lot of tools that you can employ to help you succeed. Today we will focus on one that you may be over looking. It goes without saying that an effective practice routine is a necessity for improvement. Depending on where you are skill wise in your career plays a factor on what kind of practice you will be looking for. We could outline all of the different scenarios but, for this post we will highlight a tool that can be used by all classes of skill.

That tool is the universally accepted game type “Ranked mode”. In it’s most basic form, ranked mode is used to measure a player’s skill level and match them up against other players of similar skill level. This is done through various methods such as, Elo, MMR or Divisions to name a few. This system typically gives immediate result feedback through the use of points, stars or other currencies. It provides gratification through rewards and rank promotions. It also gives you a snapshot of your current ability and provides the framework for improvement and growth. Ranked mode serves as one of the absolute best sources of real time practice given the diversity in each game that you play.

Before there was a ranked mode you had no way of truly measuring your skill or setting goals.Continue Reading–>

Travel with Etiquette

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There will come a time on your journey where you are forced to travel to another region. It is one of the absolute best ways to improve your performance. If you are comfortable in your local scene, it’s possible that you aren’t being challenged. There can be too much familiarity between you and your opponents play-styles. Even the atmosphere can get too comfortable as well. When it comes time to perform at the highest level, you can’t count on feeling comfortable.

That is just one part of what makes traveling so beneficial. You are able to get some of the experience required for big tournament settings. As well, you get an opportunity to learn from others with varying skill levels.

You are going to be uncomfortable though and that can become tricky, especially if it’s your first time. Ego, insecurity, fear all play a huge role in how you navigate this new setting. These feelings can also continue after you have left the venue and can have a negative impact on your growth. Try not to worry about your immediate results. It is very natural to under perform in unfamiliar places.

Here are some tips to help you receive the most benefits from your travels.Continue Reading–>

Growing a Local Scene

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Growing a local scene is one of the most important things you can do while on your journey into eSports. The amount of benefits are countless, and cover an array of different opportunities. You can be the player who is trying to improve, or the coach learning to analyze. Believe it or not, you don’t even have to be a player to benefit from your local scene. There are many roles that local scenes need to thrive: video editors, social media experts, journalists, event planners, the list goes on! I am going to share my experiences with you and give you some advice on how to help grow your local scene.Continue Reading–>

Talent vs Skill

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The most common definition for ‘Talent vs Skill’ is as follows:

Talent refers to the natural aptitude or ability to do something. On the other hand, skill refers to the ability which is acquired by training and practicing. Only a limited number of people are bestowed with talent, however, anyone with the right potential and will is eligible for learning a skill.

Often this definition becomes the tool that we employ when we measure a person’s success to the amount of work they display. A portrayal of successful players in most 1 vs 1 games would lead one to believe that their successes and abilities come more from talent, and less from built skill. I believe there is a specific reason for this as it pertains to the story lines built around each individual player in this field.

Lets think about team based eSports. Team eSports have more variables and requirements for success. One extraordinary player on a team cannot guarantee victory. Team chemistry, communication, strategy all has to be practiced. Since this is common knowledge, their need to practice is implicit.Continue Reading–>


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It’s the middle of 2018, and eSports is gaining traction with the mainstream audiences. Million dollar pot bonuses, features on ESPN, even NBA teams are investing in franchises of their own. League of Legends is currently hosting their LCS Season Split to a combined audience of 76 million, with a peak of 200 thousand people at a time! This is just a snapshot view of the entire field. There are dozens of games bursting with opportunity for players to make careers out of what is still perceived to be a ‘hobby’.

With all of the growth coming from the eSports industry, there is likely to be more opportunity for players to make their way closer to actually being on a professional team. I would like to paint a picture of those current possibilities using some comparisons with more traditional sports. published this page on Estimated Probability of Competing in College Athletics. Using Basketball as an example (given their 5 man starting roster) 550,305 men will attempt to play in collegiate sports and overall only 3.4% will actually make it! For women it’s no different, with a 430,368 to 3.8% transition. When it comes to going major pro the window gets even smaller due to multiple factors in the drafting process, as shown in this article.

Lets translate this to eSports.Continue Reading–>

Welcome To The Site!!

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First and foremost thank you for visiting this website. I would like to use this first post as an opportunity to introduce myself to you. I will attempt to make this concise since this websites main focus is not on my personal activities.

I have been competitively gaming for over a decade and have done pretty well for myself. I can’t say that I have won any major national tournaments but I definitely created a name for myself in my hometown. Mainly spending most of my time in the Fighting Game Genre. Though I have competed at a high level in MMO’s and MOBA’s as well.

With my desire to improve and lack of consistent practice partners, in 2013 I set out to start a company to help fix that. Not just for me but for others as well. That company is celebrating it’s 5 year anniversary today. It’s successes will eventually be archived in a few posts later on this year.

While pursuing both of these endeavors I have gathered a lot of knowledge about building scenes, improving as a player and relationship building with organizations. I will be offering everything that I know, and all of the things that I learn in this new endeavor.

Thank you for coming to the website. Consistent updates will take place on the format, appearance and overall site quality as time goes by and there will be post updates to reflect that as well.

Thank you.