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A while back I created a YouTube video demonstrating what I believe to be the best replay review tool for eSports. I wanted to make a blog post to reflect that video, and also add some more input to it’s importance. If you would like to check out the video you can check it out below! You know how important replay review is. We wrote an entire blog about it! is an incredible website. The website acts as a video host where you can watch videos live with multiple people, or save them and watch them later. It is relatively new and the team behind it are making updates every single day. Since the start of my coaching career, finding a way to watch replays at the same time has never been easy. I used to record live tournament matches on my phone and then drive to the players house to watch it.

In more modern times, I would have to save a video, edit it, and then upload it to YouTube to review. Not a difficult thing to do, however it is very time consuming. solves all of that. Just before finding I was using sites like watch2gether and Unfortunately those sites weren’t built for eSports. Let me show you why this tool is so powerful and why even if you aren’t a coach, you can use it.

Overview eSports Review Tool
Main Screen

The main screen is built in a familiar fashion to Discord. You have the ability to separate and organize the teams that you are coaching. Label them and create different channels for them. For instance if you wanted to make a channel for each individual player on a team.

You can add a profile picture for your team, add members and even create tags. This is useful not just for the coach of the team, but the members as well. Being able to access the dashboard of their team and review replays themselves, or past replays that have already been edited. Being organized is one part of success in anything you do, and gives you the ability to do that in a very simple package.

The Reviewing Tools eSports Review Tool
Note The Widgets

The thing that really separates from any other tool I’ve found or listed, is the fact that you have overlay tools at your disposal. Being able to effortlessly draw shapes, arrows and lines makes reviewing so easy. You can even set the drawing permissions. So if you have more than 1 person watching live, you can have multiple people making notes and lines, or just one. This makes the transfer of information so much easier. Being able to add a visual guide for yourself or your players really makes the information stick.

When you do any form of drawing, it saves the timestamp of when you made the notes, and puts them in the chat window. Allowing you to revisit them easily without having to scrub back through. It’s also possible to leave annotated notes in the chat with Good or Bad labels for your players or team to see if you aren’t doing the replay review live.

Other Great Tools & Conclusion has some other really great tools. But I would recommend heading to their site to check them out. is just one great step in eSports learning and development. Custom API’s and tools like this are only going to make the learning process that much easier. Paving the way for coaches and players alike to modernize and polish the improvement process. The best part, is it’s entirely free. It doesn’t matter what game you play. If you have the ability to record it and put it on YouTube, or copy the replay from your twitch, then you can utilize this tool. Visual representation of learning concepts go a really long way for solidifying concepts in the brain. Similar to writing things down that you want to accomplish. Definitely go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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