eSportLabs “Valis” Supplement Review + Giveaway

eSportLabs Valis Supplement
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I recently had the opportunity to test out eSportLabs brain boost supplement. To be honest with you, I walked into it pretty skeptical. I’m not usually one who buys into this type of product. But after using it, I was honestly quite surprised! Check out my review on it below. (Spoiler, I love it)

We are also doing a giveaway for a free case of Valis! All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win! You can do it in the sidebar, or follow this link.

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The Fiverr Experiment (Wrap up + Challengermode)

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During my time on Fiverr, I set out to do things differently. Not only did I want to separate myself from the competing sellers on the site. I also wanted to provide a true level of coaching, even if it was at a sacrifice. I decided to run an experiment, and charge way less than others, while tripling the amount of time I committed.

It’s truly my belief that it takes time to learn something, and to improve. So I am pleased that my 1 month, $50 package was the most purchased. Despite my confidence as a coach, I can never shake the feeling that some amount of impact is missed in short sessions. As mentioned earlier it definitely came with some sacrifice. Due to the scheduling with the students, I could find myself playing 6 hours a day, on top of the many hours of research and note taking to ensure that they got the individual treatment my players deserve. Waking up as early as 6am most days and finishing my final coaching session at 2am. Continue Reading–>

Inspire Brand – Affiliate Clothing Company

Inspire Logo
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We are incredibly happy to be affiliated with Inspire Brand. I have known the owner for a couple of years and he truly lives his brand’s purpose. Their goal is to help people reach their maximum potential through inspiration. They do this through community outreach with schools and recreational programs. “With the beliefs in Law of Attraction, you become closer to that potential when you are inspired or you inspire others.” The clothing they create and sell is a representation of that, and a constant reminder to the wearer.


And we love the process

The message on this shirt and others in their catalog really coincide with our thought process. The shirt shown above really speaks to us when we think about the grind. Another great thing they do is put a lot of effort into the fabric quality. I can personally say that they are incredibly comfortable.

You can check out their entire catalog HERE and make your purchase using promo code FREEAGENCY10 for 10% off of your purchase. Also by using this promo code, you support us!

Thank you.