How To Deal With Bad Teammates as an eAthlete

How to deal with bad teammates
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Bad teammates are always going to be an issue when solo, duo or even trio queueing. Not only can it hinder our results,  but it can severely effect how we improve. To deal with bad teammates directly can be an absolute nightmare. Not only is it frustrating, but there just isn’t enough time to reasonably do it in a game. Not to mention it feels like every time you get closer to the point, they move further away from it.

That’s why the absolute best way to deal with bad teammates, is to not deal with them at all. 

Every moment you spend focusing on what your teammates could have done is a moment you aren’t spending on winning the game. Clutch factor, comeback factor and other forms of winning get pushed to the side in favor of analyzing another player’s performance.

Remember that at the end of the day, the improvement you want has to be obtained by you. Putting forth as much effort as you can to that specific task is how you will see improvement. Below is a video that goes into great detail about How to Deal with Bad Teammates. If you would like to have a more written explanation leave a comment on the video!

Main Take aways
  1. No matter what, your teammates skill level has no effect on you. If they are in silver and you are on your way to gold. Then chances are you’ll never see them again.
  2. The human mind can only hold one idea or thought at a time. Using that energy to focus on something other than how you can win the game, how you can improve, or what you could do differently after the game only stands to affect how you improve.
  3. When you know games are completely lost. Recapture your time by practicing and experimenting. Set yourself up for the next game. It’s one thing to lose to your opponent, it’s another to lose to your teammate, but never lose to yourself. Recapture your time.


Interview: Wishes (Super Smash bros Ultimate, Fortnite)

Geno Mario
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When doing our research and writing our blogs, we often pull from sources outside of eSports. Citing Sport Psychology, or traditional sport comparisons. However, we find it incredibly important to also hear it from the players themselves. Not only does it help us confirm the methods we write about, but it also helps us gain different perspectives that we can share with you. Something we’ve wanted to do for a long time is reach out to Free Agent players, and help them get exposure. Making it in this industry can be difficult for people without large followings.

Free agent players can also come with a different perspective. Since they aren’t signed by a team, they have the potential to bring a lot of ‘hunger’ in the way they operate. They are incredibly fascinating, and unfortunately we usually only get to know about them after they have been signed. We miss all of that sweat that goes on behind the scenes.

So we interviewed ‘Wishes’. An 18 year old Smash Ultimate, and Fortnite player who resides in New Jersey. He is currently one of the best Smash Ultimate Players in New Jersey, and an active streamer. He had some incredible insight on the improvement mindset, tournament endurance and motivation. Check out this snippet below, and then listen to the whole interview!

Z: You can’t even go to a tournament a Smash Tournament these days without seeing a prefix before someone’s name (a sponsor title). But you aren’t sponsored right now? Is there a reason why?

W: I’ve had offers in the past. I want to be on a team that I’m proud to rep, and proud to rep their brand. I don’t really play for money, if I was playing for money I probably wouldn’t be playing Smash. I’m kind of just waiting for a tier 1 team or a team that I’m really proud to be on.Continue Reading–>

The Canal Live Episode 7 – Fixing FeNriR’s Computer, Meta Discussion, Site Talk

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In this episode of The Canal Live we take a small break from the serious growth conversations. Over the past couple of weeks FeNriR’s computer hasn’t been working, so we attempt to replace his motherboard. We end up discussing excitement for Smash Ultimate, general meta stuff, and we talk about the future of Free Agency eSports.

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The Canal Live: Episode 6 – Replay Breakdown, Mentality, Takeaways

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In this episode of The Canal Live we show you how to breakdown your replays and apply immediate impact from them. We talk about our previous experiences in replay viewing. After that we break down one of my recent Dota 2 matches while I take notes.

You can watch the full game here!

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The Canal Live: Episode 5 – Recognition Primed Decision Making, Game Sense, Tips to Improve

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In this episode of The Canal Live we discuss the Recognition Primed Decision Model. How it applies to what we believe is Game Sense, and tips to improve. We gently touch on Team Communication in match making, and tell some of our adventures in chatting with random players.

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The Canal Live: Episode 4 – Skill Gap, Meta, Feedback Loops

Light Bulb
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Due to a power outage during the podcast, we were only able to salvage the last 18 min of our recording. In this episode we went into detail about what  a Skill Gap is. What the ideal game looks like, and what the current state of gaming is. Why you should play Meta, and how certain feedback loops work.

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Below are the written notes from the podcast.


The Canal After Dark: Playing to Win at Life

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This is a special episode of the Canal: After Dark where we break away from our normal programming and bring you a more free flowing conversation. Be advised, there is strong language. You can hear our various takes on mentality and mindset. We will be bringing content like this more often, but would love your feedback! You can visit our contact form here! Catch us live every Thursday at where we demonstrate the things we teach.

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