Gank. Another Coaching Platform and Another Jouney

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If you’ve been following over the years, you’ll know that I have bounced around a few eSports gig platforms looking for coaching gigs. Not with the sole intention of making money. Truthfully I have tested these platforms to help more players improve, test coaching philosophies and also see what it’s like to be a freelance coach. From my time in Facebook groups. To my exploration of Fiverr, and then onto Challengermode. I’ve found that the landscape truly hasn’t changed all that much. There are definitely more players willing to spend money on coaching than there was when I first started. However, the quality of the coaching seems have only improved marginally.

With each platform comes it’s own unique improvements to this medium. Fiverr was legitimately an experiment as it wasn’t designed for eSports coaching. Challengermode is very similar in that aspect. Challengermode was designed as a tournament hub, similar to GameBattles or the more recent CMG. With that draw of players making money on the platform, having coaches on standby would increase buying power and visibility. After all the platform was designed for gaming, whereas Fiverr wasn’t.

My experiences in those platforms has now lead me to “Gank”. The newest gig platform designed solely for the purpose of gaming.

Gank The Platform

eSport Gig Site Gank

I could never truly give the platform justice in my own words. So it would be best if you looked at their kickstart linked here. There you can find all of the information regarding the App and it’s developments. Instead I will list some highlights and what it means for me. Plus some thoughts about the future.

Some of the highlights is the $37,000 backing. Financial support that has rarely been seen for a gig platform related to gaming. The support for more than just coaches and players. There is support for aspiring streamers and shout casters as well. This demonstrates an understanding of the total gaming eco system. Again, something we haven’t seen a lot of, especially with this financial backing.

I believe this is one of the final and most important steps in bringing eSports and gigs together as one. Enabling both the player to monetize outside of just stream viewership. Skilled play companions, coaches, or even hiring people to help you out of lower ranks can change the landscape entirely. It may even convince players to start putting more money into the industry to achieve some of their goals.

My Goals with Gank

As with all of these journeys I hope to make an impact on the players who come in contact with me. I am happy to say that over the years given my previous experiences, I have gained a ton of confidence in my coaching. It wasn’t easy and doing full months of training for very little money was exhausting. However, it was important to set the baseline for my strategies and coaching moving forward. This will be a new experience with new opportunities, and as they arise, I will share them with you.

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