How Do I Get Better in eSports? (2019)

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How do I get Better in eSports?

What a question.

I went to Google, and typed in “How do I get better in eSports?” to find some quality information regarding improvement in eSports. I figured with the recent Fortnite World Cup, there would be a number of websites trying to cash in on the buzz of eSports. To my surprise and dismay, I found very little of relevancy.

eSports Google Search

Your very first result, the featured snippet, doesn’t even address the question properly. The rest of the results well… If they aren’t dead links, they are dated as far back as 2014. Although I could go on for hours about this. You clicked this post looking for solid advice, and I’m here to give it to you.

The Best Advice You Can Find

STOP! Before you continue, you need to understand a critical key here. There is no microwave, instant oatmeal recipe to getting better in eSports. Anyone who presents their information otherwise is only trying to cash in. eSports like all things, takes time.

Okay, let’s go.

1. Commit To eSports

If you want to get better. If you want to become a better eSports player, or have a chance at making a career out of this. YOU HAVE TO COMMIT.

Commit the same way you do for work, school, or any other activity that you spend time in. That is the only way you can break away from the ‘hobby’ mentality, and turn this into a career.

I’m not telling you to quit school, or quit your job, and spend 40-60 hours a week playing. If you have been to this website, you know we believe in the complete opposite. However, what I am telling you is that you need to bring forward the same amount of effort into eSports.

Set goals, schedule your practice, visualize your performance. The exact same way you focus on other things in your life, is the same way you should focus on eSports. In the game and away from it.

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2. Be Open to Change

The game you start with, might not be the game you finish with. Your success may come before or after a balance patch. eSports and gaming as a whole is always evolving and changing. You have to be open minded and willing to adjust or adapt to what the developers throw at you. Although we don’t always agree with their decisions, and we don’t have control over them. You do have control over how you respond to the decisions made. My rule of thumb is “Be critical of yourself, not the developer.”

The more time you spend complaining and making excuses, the more people pass you up. Not to mention you fill yourself up with negative association for what you enjoy and love doing. Overall it’s unhealthy and does not promote a competitive mindset.

3. Believe in Yourself.

Yeah, I know you’ve heard it before. But this is different. A blind faith in one’s ability doesn’t guarantee success. What I mean by “Believe in Yourself” is believe in the work you put in. Believe in the time you spend studying your own performances, and professional players.

If you are committed to eSports, and are following an improvement plan that consists of, tournaments, practice, film study. Then you will improve. Keep your goals in site, visualize your dreams, and take one dedicated step forward every single day and you can reach it.

There is nothing magical about it. Believing in yourself is as simple as reflecting on your week of practice, and reaffirming yourself out loud. “I am doing great. I will succeed.”

4. Take Chances

Sign up for that tournament you heard about. Switch to a higher tier character. Reach out to people and find training partners, teammates, coaches.

If you sit in a bubble, you have no chance of improving. You always have to be reaching toward the next level. That means you have to play against or with people who are better than you. That opportunity isn’t always going to just walk up and announce itself. Sometimes you have to go out and chase those opportunities and that will require you to step out of your comfort zone.

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5. Eliminate Distractions

Speaking of comfort zones. Distractions will do you in. They can hold you back and go as far as completely halting any progress you are making.

This isn’t me telling you to hole up somewhere, and just focus on playing. No no, life has to be lived. But limit what isn’t in your essentials. Mainly, try to avoid getting sucked into the Social Media spin cycle. Politics, and social issues, won’t help you run a better strategy or edge guard your opponent better. However, saying the wrong thing can get you removed from a team or banned from a tournament.

Winning a twitter debate, is not the same thing as winning EVO or the Fortnite World Cup.

6. Focus On The Progress, Not The Outcome

Competing and improving is not always going to be easy. The path forward comes with it’s obstacles. Throughout this journey you will see people you’ve never heard of winning and blowing passed you.

Shake it off. Keep playing.

Take the time to recognize your improvement and your progress. You are doing it every single day, and those thoughts, regardless of outcome should carry you. Be proud of yourself, and hold onto the happiness that comes when you are playing at your peak performance.

Regardless of your current position, you are building a skill that will translate into other games and aspects of your life. Remember to enjoy what you are doing. Remember that you love gaming and you love competition.

Wrap Up

As stated above. There unfortunately isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to eSports. We all play different games, and have different specific aspects that we have to improve upon. However, the process of improvement is time tested.

This was written with YOU in mind. The player who already plays, and competes. Not the player who is just getting into competition and needs to be reminded that they have to have the right “gamer gear”.

I can’t provide you with all of the specifics that you need to compete in your title of choice. That’s not what this intended to do. This is intended to give you the mindset to accept the information you need to succeed holistically, and help you march forward.




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