How Much Sleep Do Pro Gamers Get?

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If you’re looking to become an eSports Athlete or a Pro Gamer, it’s important to know how much sleep the average player gets. The short answer is typically not enough. A study conducted by the ASSM, and KSSM (Asian Society of Sleep Medicine/Korean Society of Sleep Medicine) explored the risk factors and sleep intervention in eSports. Showing that the average amount of time pro gamers sleep is around 4-5 hours. 

This is due to a number of factors. Due to game duration it can be necessary to play for 10+ hours at a time to truly practice certain scenarios. Young adults in the 17-25 age group tend more towards evening activities. As well as the effects of adrenaline and hyperarousal. Combine all of that with caffeine, and well, you get some restlessness to say the least.

However, eSports teams are starting to take a bigger focus on the health and well being of their players. This includes nutritionists, sleep specialist, and team counselors for managing stress. Although eSports isn’t considered a traditional sport, teams are adopting the mentality to better protect their players. It’s well known that sleep deprivation has numerous negative effects. Not just on performance, but health as well. The average number of hours a pro gamer gets is steadily going up because of this. So the real question is, how much sleep SHOULD a pro gamer get?

You Snooze You….Win?

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As always here is your disclaimer. I AM NOT A DOCTOR, NUTRITIONIST, SLEEP SPECIALIST. Okay.

Studies have proven that the optimal amount of sleep to maintain mental performance is 7-9 hours of sleep a night. This isn’t always easily accomplished however. The factors mentioned above relate to eSports teams that are primarily on circuits. In a lot of ways, it’s similar to sports teams that have packed schedules and travel around the country. But what about the player trying to get to that level. Trying to be signed by a team and become an official eSports athlete?

It can be difficult to squeeze in that amount of sleep, with a proper amount of practice. Often times players in that age bracket are also managing school, or work. Improvement in eSports can take a considerable amount of time, and you have to fit it in somewhere. So what can you do to help ensure you get that sleep, while also improving?

A Note on Streamers

Streaming can be considered a full time job. With people streaming for more than 10 hours at a time. Also considered pro gamers, the same rules apply written above. Sleep should always be a priority in any field of work.

Wrap Up

Although it would be nice to say that pro gamers get enough sleep. Right now on average they are just under the recommended levels, based on the recent research. A ton of work is being done to support eSports athletes all across the globe. Hopefully our tips and information above will help calm some fears, and continue your improvement.

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