Resource: Anther’s Ladder (Super Smash Bros.)

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Throughout many of our blog posts we constantly talk about getting the right type of practice. This has included tournaments, online or in person. Training partners or teams. We’ve even talked about ranked match making, and the usefulness we can obtain from that.

For the Super Smash Bros.  players, we want to introduce Anther’s Ladder. is an incredible website dedicated to matchmaking. It’s completely free and gives you the ability to match up with players that are in your skill bracket. Your able to ensure that you get a solid connection as well, so there is less guess work.

We absolutely recommend using this website for tournament preparation, or just overall skill building. They have a great community and everyone is willing to give advice. Also, the added ranking system (bronze to master) really helps you build confidence, and make you feel like you’ve got something to play for. Of course, it’s not all about points. You should always be trying to get your best practice for tournaments. But it does add an extra layer.

We whipped up a quick tutorial for you to get started right away.

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