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First, I would like to say thank you to everyone who visits the site and keeps up with our content. We are constantly working to bring you new and exciting things! With that we have made a few updates to the website and created a new initiative that we are incredibly excited about.

Website Updates

The very first thing you will see is the switch from just the blog posts, to a static homepage. This gives us something to update frequently while we are in between writing breaks. For the time being we will be sticking with the default WordPress theme, but in time we will be bringing a huge aesthetic update as well.

At the very top of our homepage you will now see a section titled “Player of The Week”. This is the new initiative that we have created and the first step into the future of Free Agency eSports as a whole. When we first created this website, our goals were a little different than they are now. Right now our content is largely focused around improving yourself as a player. But, the original intention of the site was to create a platform for ‘Free Agents’ to get exposure, and to provide teams a place to find talent.

This is a return to that form and original goal. The improvement content will continue and is the meat and potatoes of the site, so there is nothing to worry about with that.

The Purpose

Our goals and intentions with this new initiative is to have you submit your clips, screenshots, stories, etc. to us. We will highlight our favorite from the batch and place it at the very top of our site with links to your social media and the rest of your content. We not only want to help you grow from a skill perspective, but we also want to help you build an audience and a platform.

All you have to do is click the ‘Submit’ menu button at the top of our homepage, fill out the form and we will receive your submission! We want to grow our community, and give everyone the opportunity to shine. So join us in this¬†endeavor. Thank you.

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