There are so many people who want to go pro in competitive gaming. Millions of people spending hours of their time, trying to make a career out of something they love. Yet so many people don’t have the right behaviors needed to be successful. They usually quit before they even get started. “I’m just not good at this, I’m not as talented as other players.” “I don’t have a million hours to sit and play, I have a life.”

Even worse, you might have people telling you to quit. That you just aren’t good enough, and never can be. This is 100% false. I have been competing for over 12 years, and have never once been able to spend more than three hours a day playing. I’ve won tournaments, coached others to win, and still compete to this day while working a full time job. In this book you will learn the proper behaviors needed to begin your eSports career.

I kept it short and concise so you have more time to apply what you learn, while doing what you love. You’re already playing, now it’s time to make the most of it.

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