Update 8/6/2018 – Recovering From Illness + Live Podcast

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I would like to give everyone a brief update regarding the recent past and near future. As always I want to thank everyone for tuning in and keeping up with the site. Bringing you evolving premium content is incredibly important to us. This site is also a very large passion to create and improve.

With that out of the way, the last 2 weeks have been very difficult due to a compound illness that I contracted shortly after coming back from a birthday vacation. What I believed was a simple cold that was only going to take a few days to recover from, became a bacterial infection that required antibiotics. Those antibiotics are all gone now and I am back to 95% at the time of writing this.

Now that I am better I have exciting news! The equipment required to bring you a live podcast has been ordered and is on it’s way! We will be streaming at www.twitch.tv/freeagencyesports. The date and time will be announced on our twitter. We will make improvements every episode to bring you great content. Also we will be bringing you more written posts this week, so stay tuned for that! If you haven’t already had a chance to read our last post you can find it here! If you’d like to hear our last podcast you can find that here!

Get updates on twitter at https://twitter.com/FAgencyesports

Thank you