The Canal Live: Episode 4 – Skill Gap, Meta, Feedback Loops

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Due to a power outage during the podcast, we were only able to salvage the last 18 min of our recording. In this episode we went into detail about what  a Skill Gap is. What the ideal game looks like, and what the current state of gaming is. Why you should play Meta, and how certain feedback loops work.

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Below are the written notes from the podcast.


The Treasure Coast Smash Community #1 – GrownAssMenPlay

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With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releasing in December of this year, I decided this a good time to introduce The Treasure Coast Smash Community. I am going to do my best to tell the story of how this little community went from nothing to 100+ weeklies and MVG Smash Conference: United, while sharing my personal experiences as a player.

In the Beginning 

A small group 5 of friends and co-workers (Frank, Allan, Blaine, Tim, Brandon) from Port Saint Lucie, Florida  formed a group aptly named “Grown Ass Men Play”. Their primary focus was to create a YouTube channel to produce ‘Lets Play’ style content with commentary among other things. Their official YouTube channel was created in August of 2013. With the up coming release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U they decided to host a tournament.

The First Tournament (Smash Hard) February 2015

I was tagged on Facebook by someone who had attended some of Inconspicuous Gaming’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournaments. At this time I had never heard of this group but I figured, “Hey, why not?”. So I asked FeNriR to join me and we followed the GPS for about 40 min. As we turned down a busy but familiar road, the GPS indicated that we were near but I didn’t see any businesses. Next thing I know, we are pulling into a field on the side of the road with 3 other cars. That was the moment I realized, “This is a house tournament”.

We walk up the driveway to see a small car port tent, an open garage and a man holding a piece of paper. I give him my money and he scribbles my name in a non decipherable manner and we wait. At this point, I am not only anxious about competing, but I’m nervous about the turn out and tournament operation. Surprisingly the turn out was incredible. There had to be at least 35 players who showed up. 1 sofa, 2 chairs for the ‘commentators booth’, the garage floor and the driveway tent. Oh and most importantly, one 50 inch lag filled TV on top of a fridge. Bare-bones is an understatement. (It also rained)

Pilot wings
1 Sofa and a Refrigerator

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