Playing the Meta Without Shame

Fork In the Road
Reading Time: 7 minutes

As you continue down your eSports journey you are inevitably going to come to one of many forks in the road. On one side of the fork is having fun, being comfortable, expressing yourself, and most importantly not conforming. On the other side of the fork is Playing the Meta. The latter is most often perceived as slaving over the same character in every single game, running the same strategy in every single game, or abusing the tier list.

Using this analogy it’s of no surprise that people can struggle with this choice.¬†Fortunately for us, our journey isn’t that black and white.


Defining Meta


At this point in time “Meta” is a familiar concept with most, so I won’t spend too much time defining it.Continue Reading–>

The Canal Live: Episode 5 – Recognition Primed Decision Making, Game Sense, Tips to Improve

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In this episode of The Canal Live we discuss the Recognition Primed Decision Model. How it applies to what we believe is Game Sense, and tips to improve. We gently touch on Team Communication in match making, and tell some of our adventures in chatting with random players.

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