S.M.A.R.T Goals

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Setting Goals


Setting goals is critical to improving your performance in any game that you play.  You’ve probably heard that before. In fact, goal setting is critical to improving any thing  that you do. To me, it’s the act of taking aim on a target. Like playing darts. You may not always hit the bull’s-eye, but you’re giving yourself the best chance to. You can see the target, gauge your distance, and make adjustments based on where you hit. You’re leading yourself to your desired target.

Without setting goals it’s like spinning around, closing your eyes, and then throwing the dart. You may get close to your target, you might even hit the bull’s-eye once. But performance is about replication and consistency. Every time you reach one of your goals you create a milestone. By choosing the objective, reaching it and then confirming that you have, you develop the ability to move on to the next goal. This allows your brain to confidently replicate the previous objective with less effort and opens the brain to learning new concepts.

I am going to explain how set goals using the S.M.A.R.T template and how it can translate to your gaming experience.Continue Reading–>