The Fiverr Experiment (Wrap up + Challengermode)

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During my time on Fiverr, I set out to do things differently. Not only did I want to separate myself from the competing sellers on the site. I also wanted to provide a true level of coaching, even if it was at a sacrifice. I decided to run an experiment, and charge way less than others, while tripling the amount of time I committed.

It’s truly my belief that it takes time to learn something, and to improve. So I am pleased that my 1 month, $50 package was the most purchased. Despite my confidence as a coach, I can never shake the feeling that some amount of impact is missed in short sessions. As mentioned earlier it definitely came with some sacrifice. Due to the scheduling with the students, I could find myself playing 6 hours a day, on top of the many hours of research and note taking to ensure that they got the individual treatment my players deserve. Waking up as early as 6am most days and finishing my final coaching session at 2am.

With all the time spent together with these players, I’d love to say that they are out dominating their local weeklies at are just on the cusp of being rising stars. However, that is unfortunately not the case. Regardless of my efforts, both assertive and cooperative, I cannot ensure that the player shows up to the coaching session. Nor can I ensure that they put their 100% into reaching their goals. Improvement was definitely made, on all fronts. However, reaching that final push didn’t take place. Although this saddens me deeply, I enjoyed the time spent.

What I Learned

As will all coaching experiences, it’s always amazing to get into the minds of people. See how they learn, what motivates them. The constant back and forth dance between impact moments. When to over explain, when to ask questions and help them find the answers, or when to make them appeal to your authority. I can take away a lot of lessons from my 4 month experience around development. For most of my time, I was teaching more than coaching. So I value the insight gained, since it was different than the normal polishing that we typically do.


Fiverr as a platform although accommodating, came with it’s foreseeable obstacles. When I first put up my ad, there were hundreds of people in the same market. Now, that number has quadrupled. Since Fiverr is an open access website, not truly intended for eSports, anyone can sign up and offer their services.

Although gigs are moderated before going live, they aren’t quality checked. Combine that with the way their search results are listed, and your gig can be quickly buried. That’s not to say I wasn’t getting a large amount of views and clicks every week. The system works really well for services, and I purchased many for the eBook ‘Immediate Results’. However, it’s possible that the market still isn’t fully ready to risk spending money on something like coaching. I fully understand this, after all most of us who coach on Fiverr, aren’t widely known outside of our respective regions.

Overall I got exactly what I expected out of it. Any time you use a non traditional platform that doesn’t speak directly to your audience, you can definitely expect inconsistent results.

At the end of 2019 right before Christmas, I was reached out to, (on Fiverr of all place) by Challengermode. Challengermode is a website where you can participate in tournaments to win money. Most of the tournaments are free, and some of them are pay to enter.

I am not being personally paid by Challengermode, so this isn’t a sponsorship or anything like that. They expanded their website and added a marketplace where you can purchase coaching. Although they don’t host tournaments for Smash, a lot of their current base plays it. The games they currently hots are PUBG, CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends. There have been many sites like this in the past, that were shady and typically a scam. However, I did my research on them before accepting, and they are a legitimate company, with ties into bigger eSports projects.

This is the start of a new experiment, and a step forward in freelance coaching. You can check out my challengermode profile HERE.

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