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With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releasing in December of this year, I decided this a good time to introduce The Treasure Coast Smash Community. I am going to do my best to tell the story of how this little community went from nothing to 100+ weeklies and MVG Smash Conference: United, while sharing my personal experiences as a player.

In the Beginning 

A small group 5 of friends and co-workers (Frank, Allan, Blaine, Tim, Brandon) from Port Saint Lucie, Florida  formed a group aptly named “Grown Ass Men Play”. Their primary focus was to create a YouTube channel to produce ‘Lets Play’ style content with commentary among other things. Their official YouTube channel was created in August of 2013. With the up coming release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U they decided to host a tournament.

The First Tournament (Smash Hard) February 2015

I was tagged on Facebook by someone who had attended some of Inconspicuous Gaming’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournaments. At this time I had never heard of this group but I figured, “Hey, why not?”. So I asked FeNriR to join me and we followed the GPS for about 40 min. As we turned down a busy but familiar road, the GPS indicated that we were near but I didn’t see any businesses. Next thing I know, we are pulling into a field on the side of the road with 3 other cars. That was the moment I realized, “This is a house tournament”.

We walk up the driveway to see a small car port tent, an open garage and a man holding a piece of paper. I give him my money and he scribbles my name in a non decipherable manner and we wait. At this point, I am not only anxious about competing, but I’m nervous about the turn out and tournament operation. Surprisingly the turn out was incredible. There had to be at least 35 players who showed up. 1 sofa, 2 chairs for the ‘commentators booth’, the garage floor and the driveway tent. Oh and most importantly, one 50 inch lag filled TV on top of a fridge. Bare-bones is an understatement. (It also rained)

Pilot wings
1 Sofa and a Refrigerator

The Bracket

The tournament was incredibly long but smooth and we played all the way into the night. Everyone who attended was fun, competitive, and friendly. I have to mention that there were so many Captain Falcon players. One in particular named Bboy, would have a huge impact on me in later tournaments. It really was an amazing experience considering the circumstances. This is also the first tournament that I ever got to commentate. Allan let me help him call a match and our synergy was amazing. Looking back this may have been the first time I realized how much I loved speaking into a microphone.

I went undefeated through winners into Grand Finals. After sending Pthas to loser’s bracket in an incredibly down to the wire set of matches, he said something that I would never forget, and  would hear again in future interactions. “I’ll see you in grands”. I knew if I would have to match up against him again, the outcome could be very different. So I watched in anticipation quietly rooting against him. During his Semi-Final match, it had looked as though my hopes were coming true. However something happened that, at the time, was perceived as unfair and thus his comeback painted him as a villain. (Video starts at point of reference)

Grand FInals

If I wasn’t the hero before going into Grand Finals, I was now. That Grand Finals was like nothing anyone there had ever seen before. It wasn’t about money, recognition or bragging rights. We had no idea that this wouldn’t be our last meeting. It was only about the game, and you could feel the intensity in our play. That garage was like the front row of a concert, exploding with energy. Bated breath, cheers, gasps, screams and even silence. Unfortunately the Hero’s story doesn’t always end the way we may want it too.

I took second in that tournament to Pthas, the man who would become both my rival and brother. All of that tension and energy turned into laughter and smiles pouring out of the garage and into the street. Frank, along with Allan and Tim expressed their utmost gratitude and glee to us and promised a second tournament.

Pilot wings
The Beginning of Something Special

The matches from the tournament are incredibly dated, but you can find them here.

Notable Players – Storylines

Pthas (1st place, Lucario, my rival) – CzechM8 (2nd place, C. Falcon, me) – HF (King Theo) (3rd Place, R.O.B) MittenKiss(Sheik), Bboy(Melbourne crew), GenericRhyme (Allan), Tilt,


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