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I want give all of our non subscribers a chance to see what our Newsletters look like. I fully understand why most people don’t like giving out their email. Spam, people trying to sell you stuff, or your information being sold. However, we don’t do that.

We send you one email every Friday that has information that compliments the things we write here on the blog. In that Newsletter you also receive a reference video intended to help expand your thought process. Our main focus is helping players become the best versions of themselves, and eventually make a career out of what we all love.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to our Newsletter! Pop up box in the corner, on the sidebar, or you can go to this link. https://www.freeagencyesports.com/newsletter-opt-in-landing-page/

As always, thank you.

Free Agency eSports Newsletter

Free Agency eSports Newsletter

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